BYSRI AND CO. CO., LTD. is a distributor of foods and consumer products.

We absolutely manage domestic marketing which specializes in foods such as various kinds of sauces and batter mixed flour under the brand “BYSRI.” Our selective effort of the finest export quality products and widely distribute to customers in the local market. Bysri acquired R. S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. operating domestic marketing.

R.S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. mainly produce and exported many types of quality foods to supply through worldwide markets for 20 years under brands named Mr. Hung, Hung Brand, and many brands. The company is gradually accumulated various experiences that enable us to uplift our standards in the manufacturing process from the selection of the highest quality raw materials to the final checks of finished goods. BYSRI was assigned the service, our food experts and marketing team promptly provide product information as required.

Bysri and Co. Co., Ltd. have studied consumer behavior changing over time and we found out people have a rush lifestyle and need a convenient way of preparing food for themselves. So we are interested to test the market with compact attractive package products.

Our target market is people who have medium to high income, focus on quality, and are valuable in making buying decisions. Plus, foreign customers are aiming to make Thai dishes so we hope this will match our ideal concept.

By our commitment we are very careful about quality check products of BYSRI AND CO. CO., LTD.

We have policy to capture the correct demand in market by using our experience and expertise in tapioca flour kind of product to increase value of Thai food cooking.

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Address: No. 99/213 The Grand Rama 2, Moo 6, Phanthainorasing,
Mueangsamutsakorn, Samutsakorn 74000
Call: +66 3485 2890-1
Mobile: 06 3323 1572
Tax payer: 0745559005219

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